We Choose Dignity And Selflessness, And We Need You To JOIN US!

Who is Ian Chapman?

Ian Chapman's life is one defined by service. Whether its as a soldier on the battlefield in Afghanistan, the front lines of COVID-19 as head nurse, or as a dedicated husband, father and citizen; Ian Chapman is a committed leader and constant force for making Colorado a safe and prosperous place for everyone.

A Better Colorado

For Everyone

Ian Chapman's history of selfless frontline military and medical leadership is the cure to the partisan paralysis that Coloradans deserve.

Ian's opponent likes to talk a lot about patriotism and service.

Unfortunately, after the software executive and aspiring politician had the privilege of spending an entire term representing the 39th district, he's only engaged in conspiracy theories, ignored experts, and exploited our differences to advance his crony agenda.

We all deserve so much better.


I'll Fight For The Issues

That Matter to You


As your representative, Ian Chapman will not rest until every citizen in our district has adequate and timely access to preventive, urgent, and emergency care. 

Ian stands firm in his mission to expand Colorado's Medicaid and medicare systems in addition to backing and introducing bills for family leave and childcare.


2020 has brought to light the importance of having reliable infrastructure including telephone and internet services in order to work from home.

If elected, Ian Chapman pledges to invest in Colorado's internet and phone utilities, in addition to focusing our budget away from corporate subsidy, and toward our roads and transit systems, affordable housing, broadband and public schools.

Economy & Environment

While Ian's opponent remains idle and dismisses the cause of our worsening climate, Ian Chapman understands that the Environment and Economy are uniquely tied to each other in Colorado. As your representative, Ian will work with local and federal leaders in the fight for the preservation of our environment for future generations to come.



Colorado Term Limits

Ian Chapman and Colorado Term Limits both understand the dangers of entrenched lawmakers. That's why the CTL agrees that Ian Chapman will best serve the working people of Colorado 

SWRCC Council Logo 300PPI (3).png

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

Ian Chapman is honored to accept the endorsement of the talented and essential tradespeople of the SRCC. We share a commitment to all Colorado workers.


Teamsters Local Union 455

The Teamsters Local Union 455 has endorsed Ian Chapman 

because of his mission to advance the social, economic, and educational well-being of all Coloradans.


The Working People's Platform

TWPP fully backs Ian Chapman for his relentless mission to create an economy and democracy that serves all the citizens of Colorado.

Secure PERA Coalition for Retirement Security

 Secure PERA endorses Ian Chapman because of his dedication to supporting retirement security for all Coloradans


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